ACC Submission Form

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Do I need ACC Approval for my project?

These improvements do not require ACC approval:

  • Removing dead or diseased trees or plants or plant material
  • Replanting that replaces like trees or plants
  • Repainting, refinishing or repairs with the identical type and color
  • Driveway refinishing
  • Installation of snow driveway edge poles from September to May
  • Modifications to the inside of the home that are not visible from the outside

These improvements require ACC approval prior to any modifications or additions
(CCR 15a):

  • New building of any type including greenhouses
  • Simple structures such as gazebos or trash can storage
  • Wall, gates, fences, wind breaks and hedges
  • New or replacement decks, patios or slabs
  • Removing trees larger than 4 inches in diameter
  • Mailboxes other than the designated neighborhood model specified on the Tall Pines Ranch website
  • New driveways or sidewalks
  • Hot tubs (swimming pools are prohibited by the CCRs)
  • Flagpoles, playground equipment or sporting equipment
  • Satellite dishes, antennas, windmills, flag poles or other exterior accessories
  • New exterior lighting
  • Pump houses, water tanks or gas tanks
  • Exterior item (such as doors, shutters or gutters) with visible color or type changes, including painting or replacement in a new type or color
  • Landscaping that includes:
    • New lawn or garden
    • Modification of drainage culverts