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B. My Request Involves the Following Type of Improvement:
LandscapingDrive/Walk Addition or ImprovementBasketball Backboard/PoleStorm DoorsStorage ShedRoom AdditionFencingPaintingDeck/Patio/SlabRoofingPatio Cover/AwningPainting - If so complete Section D belowOther


C. Description of Work - Include Nature, Kind, Exterior Color, and Location of Proposed Improvement:

D. Paint Form for Exterior Paint (Only fill out if Applicable)
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Front Door


E. Names and Addresses of Architect, Contractor or Other Owner Representative(s), if Any:

F. Attachments:
Samples or Description of ColorsSpecifications (e.g. manufacturer's brochure)Construction PlansPhotographsSample of materialsElevation drawingsArchitectural drawingsPlot PlanOther

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I understand that I must receive the written approval of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) in order to proceed. ACC approval does not constitute approval of the local building or zoning department, drainage design or structural or engineering safety and/or soundness. I understand that I may be required to obtain building or other permits and approvals prior to the commencement of any work. I agree that my failure to obtain required building or other permits and approvals will result in the withdrawal of the ACC approval.

I further agree not to alter existing drainage patterns on the Lot without the express approval in writing by the Board or the ACC. Upon completion of my improvement, I hereby authorize the ACC or its delegate to enter onto my property for exterior inspection at a mutually agreed upon time, if requested. I agree that my refusal to allow inspection may result in the withdrawal of the approval.

I further agree that if, at any time during the process, the ACC requests to enter onto the Lot or requests further information to determine if the improvement is being constructed in accordance with the approval plan and in compliance with the covenants, I will comply with the request. I agree that my failure to comply with the request shall result in withdrawal of the approval. I further understand that the Association may request additional information prior to reviewing this request. In addition, I agree that my failure to start or complete the improvement within the time specified on the application shall result in withdrawal of the approval unless an extension is request in writing and approved in writing.

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